Welcome to this blog. My name is Lee and l have had a few problems. They are Anxiety, depression and an alcohol cushion, let’s call that dependency. It is basically lifeuniverseandeverything. I have suffixed hurt because l want it to be past tense, nothing more.
This place has been set up for all of us, to chat, feel happy or sad, and give eachother information on how we can HELP ourselves. Not in a selfish way, l am guessing that you have been selfish too. Or not selfish enough. There is pain in itself (you know who you are). Actual guidence from those that are succeeding in MANAGING our conditions. We are all unique, just don’t let it blindside you into thinking you are different, we all have different similarities. OXYMORON. Absolutely. That is who we are..
Just the smallest thing, thought or concept you have tried that may have helped you may help others. Remember this going to be TEAM LIFE, so we can all get one. Or get back to one. Let’s start again.
The hardest thing is to ask for help. A lot of us have been strong, influencial and were real. Then it stopped, slowed down, or became a blurr. We need to wake up, smell the roses or coffee, and ask for help.
Let us aim for being content, so that happiness doesn’t seem so wierd. Absorb the beauty around us.

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